Meet the Team

Paul van Rensburg

MCom, PhD
Professor Paul van Rensburg MCom(cum laude) PhD, holds the Frank Robb Chair in Finance at the University of Cape Town (UCT). Paul has won numerous academic awards (including the Economics Society’s Best PhD Award in 1997 and the IAJ best article award on two occasions), has supervised five PhDs, 18 full thesis Masters degrees and published more than thirty five peer-reviewed articles on asset pricing in local and international academic journals. He was a full professor at age thirty.

Jarryd Garisch

BBusSci, MCom
Jarryd graduated from the University of Cape Town at the end of 2011 with a BBusSci (Actuarial Science) and then furthered his studies in 2012 doing MCom (Investment Management: Empirical Finance), graduating in June 2013 and won the award for Best Student in Postgraduate Finance. Jarryd started working Salientquants since September 2014 and assists in portfolio managment, model design and research. Currently Jarryd is also taking additional computer science courses at the University of Cape Town whilst working in order to become a more proficient and flexible programmer.

Matthys Kroon

BSc, MSc
Matthys combines an analytic approach and a creative passion. Excelling at mathematics and logic focused subjects, he did a basic degree in Physics, followed by postgraduate studies in Bioinformatics. During his bioinformatics studies, Matthys developed a passion for software development and has dedicated a lot of his time to mastering this subtle art. Solving a problem or creating something new gives Matthys great joy. He is always trying to improve himself and his work.

Carl Isernhinke

Carl Isernhinke comes from an actuarial science background. He previously held the position of CIO at both Sasfin and Clade. Furthermore, he accumulated much experience in designing new products; notably his involvement with the PSG Escher multi-manager portfolio construction and has received the Spire Innovation Award for creating the first South African Bond ETF.

Carl holds a BSC Honors in Actuarial Sciences from Wits University. Carl is also a shareholder of an acrobatic company called “The Cirk” where he is an accomplished aerialist, specialising in trapeze and has experience in performing in front of local and international audiences. Carl’s passion for cirque arts also led him to co-found a non-profit project – the Jozi Circus School.

Simon Johns

BSc, MSc
Simon has more than 25 years’ experience working in the FinTech industry, building businesses that provide software and data services, focused on portfolio analytics, to the investment management community.
Simon has worked in London, New York and Lausanne, concluding strategic deals in 23 countries around the world. He has carried out 12 company acquisitions, successfully managing integration, and has SME experience ranging from startup through to LSE listed PLC.
As a Company Director since 1997, Simon’s roles have included Client Services Director, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Executive Officer, and he currently acts as Director / Advisor to 3 software businesses, as well as being an associate with a FinTech M&A advisor.
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