The A-DEX PRISM® is a cloud-based multi-management tool that allows an investment advisor to visualise, design and manage his investment portfolio. It offers a powerful interactive 3-D graphical interface to allocate his client’s risk budget across funds and asset classes and to access monthly index return series, x-ray existing active funds and create optimised portfolios using low cost (or user selected) constitutuents.

Value Proposition

Potential users are anybody who is a reponsible for the allocation of investment funds. Regulated investment advisors have a fudiciary duty as custodians of their client’s risk. However, in order to ensure that a proposed solution fits a client’s risk profile, it is necessary to explicitly measure and control its risk level and composition. The A-Dex Prism gives the advisor a powerful tool to do this and much more. It harnesses technology to provide the tools to earn AUM fees for fund of fund management. Typical users include Financial Advisors, Investment Consultants, Pension Fund Investment Committees and Asset Managers.

Services Offerred

Implement Fund of Fund (FoF) Investment Management

The Portfolio Prism excels in assisting the design and management of a fund of funds investment portfolio. Colouring assists visualisation in the decomposition of risk and tracking error . ‘Top down’ and ‘bottom up’ analysis are seamlessly and aesthetically integrated.

Implement Risk Budgetting

Is the risk budget of the client efficiently allocated? Is the allocation to funds optimally diversified? A-Dex’s Risk Budgeting framework allows FoF managers to allocate risk and not simply dollars. Both total fund total risk and tracking error over the feasible set of all possible fund blends are decomposed and attributed to their sources. Being able to measure and control risk contributions empowers the FoF manager to explicitly implement and demonstrate risk budgetting in his portfolio construction and rebalancing.

Portfolio Transparency

Can you demonstrate what is driving your portfolio’s returns? Can you independently verify a manager’s investment philosophy? Using the A-Dex Prism it is possible to directly “look thru” your fund of funds to what you are actually getting in terms of undering share, asset class, industry, liquidity and style exposures. Individual share, sector, asset class and style-based attributions of returns are available in high quality graphics and reports. A returns-based “X-Ray” reveals a fund’s “style signature” and “true alpha” of an active manger and is insightful to inform a short-list of candidate funds to include in the blend.

Glossy Client Reports

Fully customisable reports designed to impress clients are available as downloadable PDFs (or as individual images for your presentation). Communicate with clarity and transparency. Demonstrate your fund’s consistency with its investment philosophy.


In order to ensure affordability and promote good practice across the industry a staggered fee structure based on AUM is offerred.

Contact Person for Demo

Name:                         Paul van Rensburg

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Tel (cell):                     +27 829261824


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